Wings And Basketball 

This morning I awoke knowing I would be working a double at work which isn’t easy but I do it. It’s on rare occasion that my hubby brings me to the Verizon Center my job and I do my best to soak it up. So this morning Hoya vs UCONN was playing which is usually a good crowd mostly of students but none the less a crowd. My job was very busy and the Hoya’s wasn’t doing bad. They ended up winning the game but I can’t remember the score. Afterwards I decided to go to my favorite restaurant Clydes in Chinatown next to the Verizon Center to eat. But of course I forgot how busy it would be since those that were at the game would now be at the restaurant. I still sat at the bar and ate. I really didn’t want to go far since the weather was dreary. It rained earlier today and it suppose to snow and everything else and possibly icy. My day still isn’t over but I do have some time to relax before the Wizards game so I will use this time to watch a movie on my tablet / phone.