Random Rambling IV

I have been down and out for a few days although I am feeling better but still not 100%. I do miss working but I think that getting sick is a way that our bodies tell us we need to slow down. Being sick isn’t easy and it takes a lot to get back to normal or what you consider normal. Some say its because I got the flu shot is the reason I got sick but I don’t think so. I know why I got sick it’s because of the weather one minute it’s cold the next it’s warm how is anyone to dress and not get sick.

I ride the bus all the time and its never boring although I just don’t understand why anyone would get on the bus and want to tell everyone about there personal life. I just don’t want to hear it and while I can put head phones I feel I shouldn’t have too. I’ve seen a lot while riding the bus I’ve seen people who have been so drunk that they would pee on the seats and there are times I’d rather stand then sit. I can’t say which bus line is worst. 

On the news the other day they were talking about giving businesses an incentive to let none paying customers use the bathroom. I hope they do because when you are downtown walking around  and have to use the bathroom but don’t have money to buy an item from that restaurant its the worst thing that could happen because you end up having to beg or run to another establishment just to use the bathroom and that’s ridiculous. I see it like this if you gotta go then you shouldn’t have to be forced to spend money you don’t have just to relieve yourself.

I have been watching different documentaries on Michael Jackson but I never believed he molested any of these boys. I believe he was just trying to have a childhood something he never had. But of course we will never know exactly what happened or didn’t happen. This man was a musical genius and no one appreciated him until now and that’s sad. 

We have had so many musical geniuses pass on that sometimes you just gotta wonder why.