Hot Toddy, Hockey Pucks & Blankets

As I  was unable to work yesterday because I am still battling a virus and I still without a voice I was able to watch the Caps vs Penguin’s game. I so wanted to be at the game because for me it’s not the same. As I am watching the game my hubby brings me the alcohol that I need to make a hot toddy but I couldn’t make it because I would have missed the game. During the game Alex Ovechkin scored his one thousand career points and as NOVA CAPS and RMNB(Russian Machine Never Breaks) has said it’s an historical achievement for him. And of course Penguins being there true self didn’t salute his achievement but that’s nothing new. Well my Caps beat them 5-2. And from what I hear the Ovechkin’s are planning to have a baby but of course they never said when. All Alex has said he is ready to be a dad. So could there be a baby in the oven real soon ???? we will just have to wait and see. So since I didn’t drink my toddy last night I will drink it this morning.