Sweet Times Be Had

These couple weeks have been busy but awesome. I’ve heard Back Yard Band perform which I was skeptical about because I have never heard them sing live but they really did a great job & of course I jammed the entire time. 

Then yesterday I worked Hoya vs Red Storm game which was an early game. I was able to get home to catch the second period of the Caps game. I didn’t think I would be able to catch the game so my wonderful hubby recorded the game and later that night I watched the beginning of the game. And even though I watch the game I still don’t understand everything about the game. But I do enjoy hearing Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati give the play by play those two make it so interesting. I don’t know if Hoya’s won last night because I left at the second half. The Caps did win against the Canadiens 4-1. So this week the Caps play the Penguins and Wizards play tonight.
Back Yard Band

Hoya vs Red Storm

Caps vs Canadiens