Too Cold To Pee

So DC has been hit with some pretty cold temperatures. I love the snow but not the cold. As I sit here on my bed wrapped in a blanket wearing a jacket I’m just so blessed to have a warm place to call home. I’m really glad that I don’t work today because usually I’m working some game but not today. Yes it snowed and yes I was out in it yesterday  freezing my butt off and wishing I was home.

I know your probably wondering why I’m wrapped in a blanket wearing a jacket. I do have my heat on but not turned up but on enough so my pipes don’t freeze. I’m not trying to pay a high heating bill and those that pay utilities know what I mean. I have footies on as well. I just hope it doesn’t snow anymore.

My fur baby on the other hand has gone outside and I did let him out because he begged (meowed) until I let him out. I know when he is ready to come in he will so I don’t worry. He is an outdoor/ indoor cat. It does feel good to have a day off and do nothing all day but binge TV watch and write on my blog.