And The Hockey Gods Blessed Us

So yesterday was another busy day for me as usual and as I was at my day job I was following on social media all the speculations they were making about the Caps game. I get to work and as I am getting ready for the fans I take a moment to take in the view and what a view. I stand looking down on the ice and watch as the workers prepare and my eyes glance down to the players box and who do I see but Holtby our goalie. I watch for a minute as he stands there holding his stick and looking onto the ice. I can’t help myself but to sometimes wonder what he is thinking about and then I join the rest of my co – workers for our shift meeting.

I’m not gonna lie I was unsure, nervous because when it comes to DC sports teams and pressure they tend to tank. But thanks to the hockey gods, the Caps did not. I’m the fan that I don’t get excited until the buzzard sounds and then I lose my freaking mind. The Blue Jackets had been on a winning streak until last night and I know they had to be super mad, pissed because they were getting no goals and so they decided that if they couldn’t beat the Caps then they would fight them and fight they did. You know the old saying “if you can’t beat them join them.” Well, In the world of hockey we the fans say “if you can’t get a goal then fight them.” At one point there were so many fights I felt that they should have just traded their sticks in for boxing gloves. My Caps shut down the Blue Jackets. The score 0-5. And I know those Blue Jacket players are somewhere on a plan trying to figure out how the hell did we beat them. Now that we took down the Blue Jackets triumphantly and we seem to get our rhythm going we just need to keep it pumping. Our season is far from over and we have more teams to conquer.

I am looking forward to when we play the Penguins which will be soon and I can’t wait for Ovi to stomp all over Crosby. If there is one team I want my Caps to beat the crap out of, it is the Penguins.


Capitals Vs Penguins Wednesday January 11,2017

Oops! I forgot to add that Brit a red rocker retired her pom poms last night. Thank you Brit and we will miss you.