Random Rambling 

I don’t understand why it’s okay to show a woman’s breast to sell everything from underwear to cars but as soon as a woman uses them for feeding a baby all of a sudden it’s indecent exposure. Ah! Hello! That’s why women have them to feed her children because before there was formula, there was breast milk. And doctors has said and proven that breast milk is better. So what I don’t get is why would anyone tell a mom who is feeding her child to go to the bathroom or another room nobody eats in a bathroom. I’m just saying society needs to stop sexualizing the breast.

And then there are people who ride the bus and use it for there own counseling session. We all are going through crap but I don’t want to hear about it on the bus I just want a quiet bus ride which I never have and then there are the loud mouths that feel it necessary to talk so that everyone can hear there conversation on the phone. If you have to talk that loud on your cellphone than you shouldn’t have a cellphone. Although riding the bus is at times entertaining and you see things that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.