Random Rambling II

This morning as I was getting ready for both jobs which will be a long busy day for me I was watching Channel 5 News. On the news they were talking about the Women’s March the day after the inauguration and how it will be a massive march started by a women on Face Book. I get the reason for the march and I can only pray that it will be an awakening for people.

Granted I don’t like Trump but what amazes me is how a man who has no political background and has never done anything for other people other than fatten his pockets gets elected to President. I guess this just shows that money talks, and talks a lot. But at the same time I do sort of like him because he speaks his mind because now I know I don’t have to kiss his ass and he won’t be kissing mine. I know where he stands and his thoughts and to be truthful I’d rather have a President who has no cut cards then a President who would smile in my face and talk about me behind my back. You get my analogy. Although he does need to be filtered because not everyone will appreciate his bluntness and it could start wars with countries who do not like us but because we were careful as to what we said to them have remained friendly.

I do feel that since he has been elected there has been a lot of hate crimes and they appear to use Trump as a reason why. There has always been racial tension and less tolerance for other people’s life style but to me it seems to be a lot more vocal or shown then before I guess. I feel everyone deserves to be respected no matter who or what they are.

Now to me it seems social media has made criminals dumb because now when they do things they want to post it on social media when before they would go un – noticed. It seems to me they want there fifteen minutes of fame but at the same time it will lead them to spending the rest of there lives in jail. Just not worth it. And another thing social media is not the place to put all your personal business on no one needs to know how your pissed at someone or how that person did you wrong because just remember say it forget it, write it regret it. Also remember if you post and some one comments don’t get mad because you don’t like what they say.

My opinion on this election is that we as a people need to stop concentrating on who is running for President but instead concentrate on who we elect to the congress. Congress makes the law not the President he is just their ” fall guy” for if something goes wrong so let’s start concentrating on Congress and the representatives that run for office. I do believe that these next four years will be interesting.