And They Did It Again 

Last night I worked the Caps vs Maple Leafs game. I’m a hostess at the PWC Club (Acela Club). So of course it was a busy night which is nothing new. At first it didn’t look good  but soon things changed. 

Ovie (8), Backstrom (19), Oshie (77) took down a Maple Leaf with fist and it was a good fight because the Leafs like to antagonize the Caps.

I like when we play against the Canadians because the national anthem is sung and I know the entire Canadian anthem. Then during the second intermission a fan played moose bowling which looked like a lot of fun and they had 50/50 raffle.

I had my doubts about whether the Caps would win because the Leafs were so ahead but the game went into overtime and the Caps won.