And I Say

Over the weekend I watched the Skins game and they lost which I have no clue how they lost but they did so there season is over. But then there are the Caps and they have been like a seesaw on winning so there is hope for them. Now to the Wizards I’m not so sure about them I will be surprised if they make it to the playoffs. 

Okay so back to the Caps they have had some memorable games. Like the game where Tom Wilson was standing by the glass and two of our opponents tried to body check him and failed. I don’t know what made those two idiots think they would get away with that I literally fell out my seat with laughter. Really!!! of all the players on the Caps team, you two idiots picked Tom Wilson to body check. Running into Tom Wilson is like slamming into a brick wall. I would like to say thank you, I needed a good laugh. And then there was Grubauer who played a game to give Holtby a break and well unlike Holtby who never fights Grubauer is the opposite. Grubauer will fight and he did fight when one of our opponents pissed him off during a game. I have only one thing to say “don’t come for Grubauer because you will regret it.” And let’s not forget about our captain Ovi who apparently had his electric cut and had to get help from his team mate and climb his fence. There was a lot of speculation going on but of course we will never know the truth but as one former Caps player put it so eloquently “pay your bill.” 

As it is right now DC sports teams sure know how to keep the games interesting.