On My Mind

So lately I have really been thinking about the future and where I want to be and whathe I want to do. Right now I’m working two jobs but I know I don’t want to be doing this for the rest of my years of life. As I am accomplishing my bucket list adventures I realized that I can do more than what’s on my list. And more is what I want to do I want to be a successful blogger and make it my career. I know it will take time for my blog to be a success. 

I do a lot of self talk and I have talked myself out of a lot of things but not anymore. When I start that self talk I will turn the negative talk into positive talk. When I accomplish a bucket list adventure I began to feel free and it’s like I can accomplish anything which is always a good feeling. I also find that I am doing non bucket stuff and it makes me giggle.

When readers read my blog I want them to enjoy themselves and hopefully my blog will become a must read for everyone. I hope that others will see that it’s never to late to do your passion. And that you should never just exist because that’s not what life is about, life is about living.