My Bucket List 2017

I have written what I want to accomplish this year and as I do I will share with my followers. My goal is to have a good majority completed by the end of 2017. Here is my list. And I hope that you as my followers will encourage me to finish because I am good at starting just not finishing.

1. Bruno Mars concert at Verizon Center

2. Turn my blog into a website and continue to blog.

3. Attend These Games : Capitals, Wizards, Nationals, Redskins, Valor, DC United, Bears & Hoya 

4. Get a credit card 

5. Travel to these places : Miami, Bahamas, New York, New Jersey & Jersey Shore, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, Canada, Walt Disney World, Florida Keys

6. Purchase wedding bands

7. Donate items in my closet

8. Get more sports gear showing my support for the DC teams

9. Pay off my student loan 

10. Attend Verizon Center events

11. Spend day at Spa

12. Learn to skate

13. Go to a shooting range

14. Play the lotto

15. Learn to swim

16. Ride in a limo

17. See a play/ musical 

18. Join a gym and exercise 

19. Give a massage to a Capitals player

20. Learn to knit/ crochet

21. Take a yoga class 

22. Get a group selfie with these teams: Capitals, Wizards, Nationals, Redskins, Valor, DC United, Bears, Hoya

23.Go to the beach

24. Throw out first pitch at a nationals game

25. Travel with the Capitals Road Crew

26. Meet my Face Book friends in person and take a selfie with them

Although I am aware that most of what I want to do may not happen but at least I will try to complete each listing. And the journey begins.