Hair Talk

Well I’ve always had a love, hate relationship with my hair. I have cut it, dyed it and everything else you can think of but through it all I’ve learned to just accept it. I recently got a weave and I love it before I got it weaved I was getting a Etae Treatment which has helped my hair and has made it manageable. I know my hair will be past my shoulder when I get it removed because before I got the weave it was to my shoulders. I read a lot about how to care for a weave I know if I do as I have read my natural hair will be healthy and long. I’m so glad I found the right stylist because I am getting so many compliments and I feel so awesome about myself. The most important thing a woman can do is find the right hair stylist and one that listens to you. Always be choosy about who you let style your hair and ask questions. I’m on this journey of living and I am so happy that my followers are taking this journey with me.

Hair By : Annette