Prayers, Wishes, Dreams And Other Things That Come With Writing 

I have been sitting here in this one spot on my bed since early this morning. I keep encouraging myself to finish this second book. I have dreams all the time of my books being popular and I know it sounds silly but that’s me. I plan on living my dream every day. 

This second book is the continuing  story of Magnus but I introduce more players like Yashua, Ari, David , Braylon and Lyole. Although with each book the reader will be introduced to new players and there past lives will be told. 

In book two the past will appear and secrets will be revealed but not everyone will welcome this.

My readers will feel like the characters in my book are real even though they are not.

Look for book two in the Blue Ice Series called BUTTERFLY 

If you haven’t already get your copy of the first book in the Blue Ice Series