The Making Of An Awesome Book Series 

So as everyone knows I have been writing my second book for some time. In actuality it’s been a little over a year but it’s not something that can be written in a day, week or month.

I after many months now have a laptop which has made writing so much easier. I get asked what my first book STRUT OF THE PUCK is about so here is it as simple as I can make it. It’s about a guy named Magnus who has dreams of joining an NHL team but along the way he falls for a beautiful woman named Rut but she is the former lover of his rival. Both men compete for her affection and only one wins. There are secrets told and hearts broken. Does he make it to the NHL? Does he get the girl? You will have to get the book to know.

With second book I’m thinking about naming it BUTTERFLY after a hockey move but not sure. I’d really would like to know what the readers think of my book and I’d like them to put their reviews on amazon about my book. I have two reviews already and I want more, more is always better.

I’m reaching out to all my followers of my blog if you can purchase a copy of my book then please do and afterwards write a review on it at amazon. That would be so helpful to me. 


Paperback  $6

Ebook $.99