The Journey I’m On

It’s been a challenging few years for me but I regret nothing I’ve done I just wish I had done it sooner but isn’t that true about all of us. I have a god given gift that I am now using. I always knew I would use it but just didn’t know when. This journey has come with its road blocks & there were the mental blocks that proved to be a struggle. I have with the grace of God made it through and I’ve learned never to doubt myself no matter what. Over the years I have published one book and have created many art pieces. I’m amazed at how many followers I have of this blogg I can only pray that my followers will increase as the months go by. I still believe in word of mouth as the best promotion and I do hope that you all will visit my art page and purchase my books. I will continue to write on many topics. I want to thank all my followers for their support it means a lot to me and I pray you will coninue to support my blogg and hopefully you will support my artist page ” Patreon Page” and become a patron, and buy my book “The Strut Of The Puck” on amazon. I feel so blessed and again thank you for your support.