The Writer In Me

As you all are aware of I’ve been working on writing my second book which has its own challenges. And you know I have published one book already but the sales are not as strong as I would like which isn’t because it’s not a good book. It is as I’m told that all the time. It’s just getting it out in readers hands that’s the problem. I do love to write and the storyline I have created is so awesome. My books will have everything a reader is craving like suspense, love, deceit and betrayal. I would like to ask everyone that reads and follows my bloggs to help me get the word out about my books. I truly believe word of mouth is the most successful way to advertise. And if everyone would leave a review of my books on amazon that would truly help after they have purchased and read. Doing these small but important thing’s will really help a local independent author like me. My book can be purchased on amazon Again thank you for your support and time.
The Strut Of The Puck