Nature Of The Beast 

So I get it being a woman isn’t easy & I understand having a menstrual cycle is a necessary evil. But what I will never understand is these commercials for tampons & sanitary napkins. In these commercials they show women swimming, working out, dancing etc. What freaking idiot decided that showing women having fun doing this time of the month is a good thing in order to sell a necessity. Let’s get real we gonna by these products whether we want to or not we don’t have a choice. I know when that time of the month comes around I don’t want to do anything I barely want my husband around. And let’s not talk about going into the store and trying to decide what sanitary option to choose because there are so many. They now have an entire aisle dedicated to women sanitary items it can be frustrating because now you have ones with wings, thin, and thick and men wonder why we flip out at times. Whoever is creating these commercials of women having fun during there period need to stop the madness. Now let’s talk about tampons because a man had to come up with that design. No woman would have come up with that design. The tampon is not easy to use I find it often frustrating & I have used it a few times but did not like it at all. I have heard of women forgetting that they are wearing a tampon & I wonder how can you forget you have this uncomfortable item between your legs, definitely not me. Recently they have come out with some new items for women like the cup & some women have chose to wear nothing at all but for me I will stick to pads & the monthly frustration of choosing which one. Again these items are a necessity for us no néed to imply that we enjoy this time of the month because we don’t, who in there right mind would enjoy bleeding non stop for days & cramps so bad that you just want to rip apart something, anything.