1 2 3 Here I Come

I have been trying very hard to keep everyone up to date on what I’ve been doing with my books. So lately I just been posting on my social media sites but now I  am going to take it a step further and hopefully I will have success. I will start to advertise and maybe do a contest. I am looking into doing a book signing but I will have to do it one at a time or how ever money will allow.I knew publishing my book wouldn’t mean instant notice but I did it because as my mom use to say never regret the things you have done, regret the things you haven’t. So that’s why I do this because I love to tell stories and I want to leave my footprint in the world. No matter what books will always live on even when or if technology dies. At some point some one will take a chance and read my books & maybe then they will reach that Best Sellers List which is a goal I am always dreaming about reaching. I have big dreams for my book I see it being a success. I will do a website and maybe start a fan club as I see every author has one so will I. If you have purchased my book thank you for the support. I pray that I continue to get support for my book. I do ask this of my readers encourage those you know to go purchase  my books & to write a review on amazon that would be a huge help to me. Staying positive, staying prayed up & always blessed. Peace & Love