Keeping Faith

As I continue writing my second book tentatively named Pushing Past The Goal Line I at times have doubts about my ability to be a success. I’ve self published my first book but that’s all I’ve done so far. Although I have promoted my book on my own because I just don’t have the money to hire an expert but I have asked friends and family to spread the word about my book.
    I have always told people I have two jobs but that only one job pays. I continue to have faith because I know nothing comes easy.
    I am getting so much good feedback from so many readers about how they love the story and can’t wait to read the next book.
   I have so many dreams about where I see my book in the future and I want to thank all those who are showing their support and that’s all I want from anyone is support and to spread the word about my book.
I’ve always heard that if you want something badly enough then you have to work for it & God knows how badly I want this book to be in every readers hand.
    Again all I ask is that you spread the word about my book Strut Of The Puck and show your support by purchasing my book on