Living In The Moment

Hmm! I know what your wondering what’s up with the title. As I awoke this morning going about it & giving my cat Boo Boo some love I started to think about what it means to “live in the moment ” and I know it ain’t easy. When you read & watch the tv you hear so much about pain & suffering that you have to wonder if living in the moment is possible.
        I know it is & I do it every day I get up every day with a goal. I first give praise to God before I start my day because staying prayed up is important especially now.
         I then only care about that day I don’t worry about tomorrow or next month the only day that matters to me is this day & I find the enjoyment of that day. When I do find myself about to worry I just take a moment & pray & say “will he do it, yes he will” then I move on.
       For me it’s not easy I’m not a deeply religious woman but I am learning to have more faith. I am a believer that if you ask God will answer. So every morning I have learned to sit & talk but not always ask but to also thank god which is important you must that God for what you have.
         I live in the moment every day by doing different things. I wanted to have a YouTube Channel & now I do its called Here Comes Trouble, I sell my artwork online so I have an Etsy Shop & I’m on Periscope. I’m not wealthy far from it I live pay check to pay check & my job is not glamorous but I  am happy. I have a wonderful loving supportive hubby, healthy kids who are my blessing and I live in my childhood home. I live in the home that I was raised in & I am forever blessed.
       I’m always humbled by my experiences good or bad and that is another key to living in the moment always be humble. As my grandmother use to say it doesn’t matter how big your house is, how glamorous your car, or how wealthy you are, your grave will always remain the same.
       All I’m saying is enjoy what that day and moment brings because when it’s over, it’s over.
      I hope that I will get many followers of my blogg.
     Stay prayed up. Live in the moment. Be humble. Dance. Enjoy the little things in life. Be happy for the life you have. Remember to be thankful to be able to open your eyes because there is someone else who’s eye’s have closed for good.