Sunday Morning Blessing

Good morning loves I pray as read this you are in good spirits. There are a lot of reasons to be in the spirit & one is you opened your eyes. I know that at times life can throw us curve balls I’ve had a few but I know God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle so whatever storm your in always remember this too shall pass.
        I am glad to see that SI Magazine graced their cover with a full figured model I applaud but I am disappointed with Tiegs and her comments. It’s about time that the fashion industry show women in all sizes. For now that’s all I will say about that.
        I’m still selling my artwork but for every artwork that is sold a portion of the profits will go to a charitable organization. One of the charitable organization will be St. Jude because of what they do to help families with kids who have cancer. I’m always saddened when I hear about a child with cancer.
      My shop is still getting plenty of
views which I am feeling blessed. I’m always humbled by my experiences and I pray you are as well. Stay prayed up, stay blessed.