What It Is

      As I’m sitting here on a Saturday morning thinking about where I want to go with my life. I have hobbies that I love to do & one is art. I love everything about art I love to create. I created an Etsy Shop to sell my artwork. I have gotten a lot of views but not one purchase but I’m very optimistic. I know as time goes by & with patience I will get a buyer.
         The fact that I am getting people to view my shop is amazing. I continue to create my artwork because it’s my passion. I know as I continue with my shop & art I will have the art studio of my dream. As of now I work as a hostess but my dream is to have my own successful business.
           My artwork comes from a deep place in my soul this is how I am able to express myself. I’m researching ways to get my shop & artwork noticed.
             I feel so blessed to have family that supports me & that’s why I’m able to do my passion. I will chase my dream until the day I no longer breath.