My Daily Carry All


I have these products that I carry on a daily basis. I have lip balms which I like better than lip gloss and lipstick although I wear both when I want color but lip balms is what I like better. I carry two different kinds of lotion, one that has no smell. I have several different makeup bags because I like to change up.
   Now I wear body oils that I get from the “oil man” on the corner. It’s so much better than perfume it last longer. I have a favorite store that I always go to buy my products because I can get everything in travel size. I shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I put all my extra in a container so when I run out I can just grab another.
I do at times buy perfume but when I do I buy the sets they sell with perfume, lotion & bubble bath. My perfumes last for about three months.