One Of Many Talents

  I was sitting here thinking about how I have been slowly accomplishing each of my goals. My first goal was to write & publish a book & I have. The name of my book is Strut Of The Puck by Velvet Venters ( I used my maiden name)it’s available on My second goal was to open an online store to sell my artwork & I have done that scandalousArt.
    I do plan to release a second book soon. I’ve finished writing the second book but I haven’t released it. The second book that I will publish is a sequel to the first. I am working on turning my first book into a movie but first I have to write a movie script then raise money for it. The one thing I am positive about is that I will film it in DC once I get financial backers.
     I will accomplish everything I set out to do with God’s blessing. I will leave positive foot prints in this world. My other goal is to get my book in the hands of as many readers as possible so if you haven’t read my book go and get your copy.