Positive Foot Prints To Leave

  Yesterday was very busy for me after being sick for a day. I wasn’t going to go out so early but I had made a promise to a little girl who’s family was also my customer at the restaurant I work. I got up and gave thanks to the Lord for the day & then repeated to myself positive energy because I believe positive energy leads to a positive day. We met each other at Kettler & I began our mission it started to feel like a 007 movie with a hint of coyote & road runner. We were coyote & Backstrom was road runner. If you have ever seen the coyote & road runner cartoon then you know what I mean. I was told by many that I would never get Niklas Backstrom autograph but I looked down at my little friend and said ” I will get you that autograph if I got to throw myself on to his car & beg & cry”.  I stood for hours inside Kettler begging every player I saw to please help me get this autograph. After some time my little friend started to doubt whether or not she would ever see her favorite player. I knew I had to get it because I would have to see her face at every game & I would know her disappointment. Those of you who have kids know that face they give. It’s funny the things we as adults would do for a child & even though this was not my child, I was no different. I looked around & feeling desperate thoughts started to run through my head because I knew my window to get his autograph was closing. I started to think to myself how much trouble could I possibly get into by just walking into the locker room .
A. Security would come to escort me out.
B. The players would think I had a screw loose.
C. The players would simultaneously throw their stinky jerseys at me.
            Well, thanks to one fan all of the above was avoided. I rushed outside to an area where other fans were with my little friend and we waited and waited. As the players started to come out slowly I encouraged her to get other autographs all the while promising that she will have her Backstrom autograph. Then after long hours of painstakingly waiting the doors opened and there he was Niklas Backstrom it was as though all my hard work had paid off. She got her autograph & picture. I stood there in a  Super Girl stance with a big smile on my face all I needed was a cape & wind. After working I went home and collapsed on the bed saying to my hubby “it’s not easy doing what I do, it’s a lot of hard work”. One more thing before I close I had made her a sign for Niklas Backstrom to read which he did. She is a very happy little girl with a day to remember.
      I just want to say this thank you  so much Niklas Backstrom for taking time out of your busy schedule to make a little girls dream come true. You Rock!!!