The Ring

I had made a previous ring but I wanted to add on but it didnt come out good so I ended up making a new ring. I am leaving it as is but it has been fun creating my jewlery. I will make others to add to my other fingers.

Something New

Ive always been a crafty person & I have made so many things. I recently made pom pom keychain charm & I made a few bracelets for me to wear. I learned how to make jewlery by watching youtube I didnt do a bad job on my first bracelet. I plan to buy more beads…


Lately I have been crafting & making pom pom keychain & charm. I also been making bracelets I will be making more as time goes along with earrings, rings & other jewlery. When I go out I get stopped & asked about my creations.

My New Creation

I learned how to do pom poms & I have been enjoying it. I made one for my sister in law who is a Ravens fan so I did Raven colors & I did Redskin colors also. I plan to make keychains, charms & other things.

A Me Day

Today I didn’t have to work so I decided to go to the nail salon which I try to visit at least every two weeks but sometimes life gets in the way. When I do I try to make the most of it. So today I got my eyebrows & eyelashes. My eyebrows grow so…

Let’s Talk Hair

I have been wearing a weave for a few months. I like wearing it because it makes my ready time very easy. I can easily style my hair & when it rains my hair does not frizz up. I have a stylist that I visit for maintence & I know when I finally take it…

Things That Make You Go Hmm!!!

When I am not working I like to watch court shows mostly because they are interesting. I’ve come to realize that people get sue happy. Then I also realize people do some unbelievable things. I’ve seen cases where people move in with each other without getting to know each other and or dating. I say…

A New Section To Be Added

Well, after some long thought I have decided to add a new section to my blog called Story Time. In this section I will have my writings of my stories that a person can read in a day. These stories will be from my book series Blue Ice. I will not go in depth on…

Morning Positive

Good morning loves, well we made it to friday. Although today will be rainy it’s still a day to be thankful. As you move throughout your day don’t forget to stop and take in the beauty of the day.